Jacarbon Sulawesi is one the suppliers of activated carbon to the drinking water industry.
Our carbon is used for numerous applications such as the manufacture of filter cartridges, RO systems and dialysis treatment.
We provide activated carbon to some of municipalities in the Indonesia for ground water/potable water filtration.




Jacarbon Sulawesi supplies carbon and related services to various vapor phase applications such as odor control in municipal waste-water facilities, landfills and refineries.
We manufacture specialized carbon both impregnated and non-impregnated for applications such as H2S removal and the removal of any time of noxious gases.




Activated Carbon has a major role in various applications across the mining industry, particularly in gold recovery.
Our special range of gold recovery products benefit the gold recovery process through:

•    Rapid adsorption kinetics
•    High gold loading
•    Consistent performance
•    Excellent attrition resistance
•    Low platelet development
•    Carbon Activated products offer both performance and value to any gold recovery operation.