Jacarbon Sulawesi is an Activated Carbon manufacturing company located in North Sulawesi. It is a joint venture company between Korean and Indonesian and specialized in manufacturing of activated carbon based on coconut shell as raw material, where we have raw material abundantly in the area. 
We manufacture and deliver high quality standard of steam process activated carbon, with coconut shell charcoal as raw material.
We process charcoal by our self to ensure good quality charcoal as feed stock for our activated carbon and we can also sell mesh 3X6 and 6X18 coconut shell charcoal as feed stock to other activated carbon manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on our high quality, great value products and services delivering globally to variety of customers across a wide multitude of industries.




Globally we specialise in all business related to Activated Carbon products, especially coconut shell based raw material. Founded in North Sulawesi, Indonesia in 2012, Jacarbon Sulawesi has grown from a small business to become a large privately owned Activated Carbon company in Indonesia. 

The company growth driven by a dedication to two core principles : Quality products and service with sensible pricing. In addition to the Manado, Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, the operation of Activated Carbon products and services are provided from facilities in Korea.

We look forward to hearing from you, big or small, about your existing or future Activated Carbon requirement.